About Can't Be Beat Fence & Construction, based in Bay St. Louis, MS

Can't Be Beat Fence & Construction is headquartered in Bay St. Louis, MS, but we haven't let our location define us as we have successfully performed on projects in over nine Southeastern states. From 1982 to the present day, we've worked hard all across Mississippi to improve the way property owners and stakeholders keep their vital assets and facilities safe. Today, we're proud to be the one of the biggest fencing contractors in the state, and we're eagerly anticipating the chance to honor our tradition of quality work as we grow.
Men at work on initial construction — Can't Be Beat Fence and Construction, LLC in Bay St. Louis, MS
Finished Fence  — Can't Be Beat Fence and Construction, LLC in Bay St. Louis, MS
Growing Bigger and Attracting High-Level Work
Through the years, our expertise has taken us far beyond the 20,000 or so private properties where we've performed successful fence installations. In addition to satisfying all these clients, we've worked on numerous federal construction jobs where mistakes could have been issues of national security.

Striving for Excellence
As our reputation as a construction contractor spread, we wanted to serve a wider range of federal clients. To do so, we instituted an exhaustive quality control program designed to meet the guidelines established by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management for Contractors framework. Our safety program complies with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers EM 385-1-1 and OSHA standards. In short, we've pushed ourselves to expand far beyond our original roots as a part-time fencing contractor.
We've already installed hundreds of miles of fencing through some of the state's toughest terrain, and we'll be coming up on our 2,000th government project in the near future. Of course, no matter how far we go, we'll never forget what got us there. We're happy to say that our clients will always be able to count on responsiveness, personal investment in jobs, and attention to detail.