Completed project on the MS gulf coast

Can't Be Beat Fence & Construction, LLC, has completed more than 40 general construction projects as the Prime Contractor.

Some of our previous contracts include:
Project Location, Name / DescriptionContract ValueClient Agency
NSA Crane, P-340 Strategic Weapons System Engineering Facility
$12,153,743US Navy
Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties, MS, DHS, FEMA, USFAS Upgrades$4,066,315DHS, FEMA
NCBC Gulfport, Paving Repairs$4,000,000US Navy
Stennis Space Center, Install Perimeter Fence$3,657,488NASA
NAS Jacksonville, Demo Various Warehouses and Storage Buildings$3,497,968US Navy
NCBC Gulfport, Design/Build Renovation of Building 322$2,272,241US Navy
Stennis Space Center, Install Gaseous Hydrous Pipeline$2,240,000NASA
NSB Kings Bay, Design/Build Repair and Renovation of MFPU Building 6013$1,197,734US Navy
NAS Jacksonville, Building 844 Renovations$963,716US Navy
NAS Pensacola, Replace 16 Water Main Under Bayou$899,777 US Navy
NCBC Gulfport, IDIQ for Maintenance and Small Construction (15 TOs awarded to date)$875,000US Navy
Phase IV, Flood Control Mississippi River & Tributaries, Steele Bayou, etc.
NAS Jacksonville, IDIQ for Construction (9 TOs awarded)$652,12US Navy
NAS Jacksonville, Replace Backer Rods and Joint Sealant$602,000US Navy
NAS Jacksonville, Spall Repairs at Airfield$595,069 US Navy
Construct Admin Bldg and Renovate Kennels, NAS Jacksonville FL$477,783US Navy
NCBC Gulfport, Sewer Projects at B367 and BEQ$459,670US Navy
NAS Jacksonville, Install LED Lights and Poles on South West Patrol Road$362,256 US Navy
Stennis Space Center, Canal Spillway Dolphin Mooring Replacement$283,476NASA
Stennis Space Center/PWD MCLB Gulfport, Pier Modifications and Electrical Upgrades BOB Facility, Pass Christian Harbor$96,452US Navy